Year of the Wood Dragon Goals

Wood Dragon found by Irene Woodard

  • Facilitate new and established Ecodharma programs online and in person at Shambhala Centers, including creating study guides and course materials for dissemination throughout the sangha, which may include:
    • Awakening the Warrior
    • Active Hope/Work that Reconnects study groups
    • Ecodharma Doula Shambhala Online Program
    • Touching the Earth study groups
  • Share learnings from Warrior Assemblies so they become institutionalized in other programs at Land & City Centers, collaborating with leadership with at least 12 local Centers in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas, offering the support to make changes at their Centers and to offer Ecodharma education and programs. Other centers may be involved as well.
  • Create a regular online Tonglen for the Earth practice in the manner of Sunday Gatherings.
  • Support the delivery of the inaugural Dechen Choling Ecodharma Symposium.
  • Facilitate a STEC Hive Mind Eco Assembly at Karme Choling to share the wisdom and ideas of all STEC members; a collaborative initiative and thefirst ever STEC in-person gathering.
  • Integrate STEC Ecodharma into the 4 pillars of Shambhala Practice and Education resources.

Onwards Wood Dragon!

Ki Ki! So So!

2024-07-15 23:50:32