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This Sacred Earth: An Ecodharma Gathering

This programme will begin by grounding ourselves in gratitude, connecting with the land and one another. We will explore ecopsychology, opening up to our feelings such as grief, guilt, overwhelm and anxiety. Practices for dealing with these will be introduced: connecting with our senses, silence, and slowing down.

A range of speakers representing different traditions and approaches will present avenues for ecological political, regenerative and holistic responses. The list of speakers is currently being developed.

We will conclude the programme with a celebration, expressing gratitude for our Earth and its abundance.

More information on this programme will be made available soon!

*** When planning your trip, please note that this program coincides with the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. ***

Programme price

Regular 480 €
Patron 588 € Help support lower income participants

If you require financial assistance to attend this programme please contact [email protected].

Accommodation and food

Full board 60 € / night *

* includes standard accommodation and all meals.

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