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Earth Salon: Air

The Earth Salon

an initiative of Shambhala Touching the Earth Collective



with David Takahashi & Richard Swaback

Sunday, November 12th, 2023  Noon – 1:30 pm ADT

(5 – 6:30 pm CET) 


Every quarter or so this year, we have leapt into an elemental submersion: so far, we have dipped into the water element and warmed ourselves with the fire element. Since everything is connected, the following two talks will consider the Earth’s respiratory system, the Air, and later, the semi-permeable membrane that forms the Earth’s skin, aka the Earth Element. It isn’t easy to talk about one without the other.

As Air is to Earth, your co-host for the next two elemental quarters is someone I go way back with despite having recently met him, Dickie Swaback (Sw ‘awe’ back). Our relationship may best be described as Spiritual Doppelgängers. When I share with Dickie, the Earth is Alive and breathing, I am liable to hear back that ‘that is the breath of Drala.’

At the individual and household level, having lost their home in the Fourmile wildfire of 2010, he is somewhat a Climate Refugee.  Starting in 2015, they have reduced their carbon footprints from 17 MT (Metric Tons GHG) to 2 MT: the Earth’s carrying capacity is 3 MT: a personal reduction from 100 pounds/day to 12 pounds/day.  Working with a modest 60-year-old home, this is an 87% reduction in GHG Emissions in 4 years.

David works at the individual, household, neighborhood, congregational, city, county, region, state, nation, and global scales.


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The monthly Earth Salons are an initiative of the Shambhala Touching the Earth Collective, and are curated and facilitated by Deborah Luscomb, with occasional guest ‘experts’.

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